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Scheduled Rush Bank Levy Service on Banks in
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The Sheriff Will Do It For $35.00 Why Do You Charge So Much?

For Los Angeles County Bank Levies, When we receive the Levy Packet, we open a file in Our office. We verify that your paperwork is complete. We prepare a Garnishee Levy Packet (the Bank is the Garnishee) which consists of a Notice of Levy for the Garnishee, a Memorandum of Garnishee and a copy of the Writ of Execution Then we prepare a Debtor’s Packet, which consists of a Notice of Levy for the Judgment Debtor(s) and any third party, a copy of the Notice of Levy for the Garnishee, a copy of the Writ of Execution, a copy of the Exemption From Enforcement of Judgments form, and a Current Dollar Amount Exemption form. We then prepare a Sheriff’s Packet, which consists of a Letter of Instructions, the original Writ of Execution, and the $35.00 check you provide, made payable to L.A.S.D. We then the Sheriff’s Packet and the Garnishee Levy Packet take it to the Sheriff’s Office in Downtown Los Angeles (note that there is a $12.00 parking fee at the Courthouse, which is passed on to you) There, our employees will wait in line for up to seven hours just to “open a file” with the Sheriff. Once the file is opened with the Sheriff, we serve the bank with the Garnishee Levy Packet. We then complete proof of service forms for each of the documents served on the Bank, and each of the documents in the Debtor’s Packet served by mail on the Judgment Debtor, then return to the Sheriff’s Office in Downtown Los Angeles, pay the parking fee, wait in line up to another 7 hours and close out the file by submitting the original Writ of Execution and the proofs of service. By statute, this must be all be done within 5 days of the Levy being served on the bank, or the Levy is invalid. This process is about the same for the other counties that we serve, however Los Angeles County is more difficult than Ventura, Kern, or Santa Barbara.

It is true that the Sheriff in Los Angeles* will do all of this for you for $35.00… if you want to wait up to 3 months for them to get to your file.

* Ventura Santa Barbara and Kern Counties have a much faster turnaround rate than Los Angeles County. Our Levy Service is tailored for, and built around Process Service in Downtown Los Angeles, however we do regularly serve Ventura, Santa Barbara and Kern County Banks, and can serve any Southern or Central California Bank NEXT DAY.

Can I Just Fax All The Paperwork To You And Pay On A Credit Card?

NO and YES…
We need the ORIGINAL Writ of Execution and an Original Signed Sheriff Instruction Sheet to open the file. This instruction sheet must be signed by the attorney of the party or by the party if he or she has no attorney. (CCP 684.130, 687.010) Substitute signatures are not acceptable.

Ok, Can I Pay You and the Sheriff Fees on a Credit Card?

While we prefer payment by check included with your original Levy Packet, you can pay by credit card. We use PayPal as our Credit Card Processor, and charge 5% to cover the service fees that they charge us. You can include your Sheriff fees on the Credit Card, and we will advance those fees in the form of a Cashier’s Check, however we charge an additional $10.00 service fee to cover the cost of obtaining the Cashier’s Check. So if you want to pay by credit card, you will need to include our Process Service Fee, any parking fees (for L.A. County Banks), the $35.00 Sheriff fee $10.00 Cashier’s Check fee, plus 5% of the total.

If you want to do this, call us at 877-459-1083 and we will email you a PayPal request with the correct total.

What if I don’t have a PayPal account?

That’s OK! While we use PayPal as our processor, you do not have to have a PayPal account. We will email you instructions to pay online using a Visa or a Master Card. Just give us a call at 877-459-1083.

Why Do You Charge For Parking in Los Angeles County?

We charge a surcharge for parking in L.A. County because we have to pay for parking in Los Angeles County. Remember, we make two trips to the L.A. County Courthouse, one to open the file and the other to close the file. Plus, most of the downtown banks charge for parking when we go to serve the institution. Parking at the courthouse is $12.00 with no in/out privilege, so our parking costs are a minimum of $24.00-and if we have to pay for parking at the bank, the costs increase to $36.00. More than 10% of our fee for service. The surcharge helps us offset these costs.

Are You Licensed and Bonded?

In California, you must be “registered” as a Process Server (licensed) to serve a Bank Levy. State law requires every Registered Process Server to have a Bond recorded with the Recorder of the County of Registration.

What if my Paperwork is Wrong?

You need to make sure your paperwork is correct before you send it to us. While we can and do double check your paperwork, it is your responsibility to make sure it is correct. If your paperwork contains an error, and we catch it, we will call you for instructions. If your paperwork contains an error and it is rejected by the Sheriff, we may, in some very limited circumstances be able to correct it on location, depending on the error. We will attempt to call you for instructions. If we cannot contact you for instructions or we otherwise cannot correct the error, the paperwork will be returned to you, less the fee for service. There are no refunds once we begin.

Why Are There No Refunds Once You Begin?

Our fees are fully earned when paid. When we open a file in our offices, we prepare all the documents needed to complete the levy in our office. This includes notices to the Garnishee, Proofs of service, Notices to the Judgment Debtor, Proofs of service and most importantly travel time to the Sheriff, Parking Fees and time waiting in line to open a file. Simply, the actual delivery of the document to the bank is the least time consuming part of the process. Having said all of that, our goal is to provide you with excellent service and for you to get absolute value for your money. WE WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY WITH OUR SERVICES. If there is a problem, we can arrange a partial credit for you, depending on the amount of time we have spent on your file. PLEASE CHECK AND DOUBLE CHECK YOUR PAPERWORK BEFOR YOU SUBMIT IT TO US FOR PROCESSING.

The Bank I Want To Levy Does Not Have A Designated Location For Service Of Process. They Do Have A Branch In Ventura County. I Want You To Serve My Levy There. What Do I Need To Do?

This is a good idea. It will enable you to get your Bank Levy served on a Rush Basis for $260.00 total, and $335.00 total for Next Day, which is the lowest cost to you. Often, if you schedule Next Day service with us in Ventura County, we can actually do it Same Day! All you need to do is have a Writ of Execution issued for Ventura County, then complete a Levy Packet for Ventura County We can serve any branch in Ventura County. We prefer you list a branch in Port Hueneme, Oxnard, or Ventura (in that order) on the Sheriff Instructions, as these branches are closest to us, and will enable us to serve your Levy quicker.

What Banks Have Branches You Can Serve In Ventura County?

This list changes without notice, so click here to verify your bank does not have a designated location, or a designated location outside of Ventura County before having a Writ of Execution issued for Ventura County, then call us at 877-459-1083.

Wells Fargo, Chase, US Bank, Bank of the West, Union Bank, NA, Santa Barbara Bank and Trust, California Federal Bank, Western Commercial Bank, California Bank and Trust, County Commerce Bank, Navy Federal Credit Union, Ventura County Credit Union, Great Western Bank, Las Padres Bank, One West Bank, Community West Bank, Affinity Bank, Santa Paula Community Bank, Pacific Western Bank, Ojai Community Bank, Santa Clara Valley Bank NA, Crestmark Bank, Los Robles Bank, First Citizens Bank, Bank of California (Not Commercial Bank of California), Pacific Oaks Federal Credit Union, Telesis Community Credit Union, C.B. C. Federal Credit Union, St. John’s Oxnard Federal Credit Union, County Schools Federal Credit Union.

The Bank I Want To Levy Does Not Have A Designated Location For Service Of Process. They Do NOT Have A Branch In Ventura County. Where should I have you serve it?

Give us a call at 877-459-1083 and give us the details. We will advise you on your specific circumstance. Preferably you will call us BEFORE you get your writ, but if not that’s ok too.. we can deal with it in whatever county your Writ is issued.

The Bank I Want To Levy Does Not Have A Designated Location For Service Of Process. They Do Have a Branch in Los Angeles, Orange, Santa Barbara, Kern or another County. I Want You To Serve My Levy There. What Do I Need To Do?

We can help you with this. Please be sure to call us at 877-459-1083 and provide us with the branch locations so we can coordinate service with you. The rates, procedures and Levy Packets will be for the county that is designated on the Bank Levy. Generally, if there is no branch in Ventura County, our preference is to serve the Levy on a branch in Northern Los Angeles County. Be sure to call us so we can get you the best branch address for the quickest service.

Do You Serve Other Documents In Addition to Bank Levies?

We are a Full Service Process Serving Firm. As such, we can serve any legal document for you. This includes, but is not limited to Safe-Deposit Box Levy, Real Property Levy, Wage Garnishments, Writs of Attachments, Summons and Complaints, Subpoenas, Plaintiff Claim and Orders, and Any Other Document Needing Service of Process.

Do You Provide Other Legal Support Services?

We are a Full Service, licensed Private Investigation Agency. As such, we can assist with Skip Tracing, Bank Account Locates, Asset Searches, Pre or Post Judgment Background Searches, or any other Private Investigation matter. Our Private Investigation website is and out general process serving website is

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